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Integrated  Workforce and Performance Managed Projects and Services

Global Manpower organisations have been providing technical recruitment services within the Regulated industry sectors for over 50 years, providing key resources to the entire industry supply chain.

2020 economics have dictated a shift in many of the regulated sectors, whereby there is a need to deliver more value for less expenditure, search for innovation and  incorporate technology benefits.

Traditionally clients either developed their own in -house organisation capability, utilising a mix of contract resource and staff positions, or they outsourced to a large managed service organisation.

Todays client organisations  require lean structures and lowest cost -fit for purpose service solutions. Large service organisations , one size fits all models are no longer economic, or reflect the lean scale adopted by many client organisations.

Manpower organisations, inherently provide the complete low cost resource managed solution. This combined with the lowest cost structure for specialist performance management delivers the unique combined lowest cost resource and performance managed solution.

Tier2 through our JV alliance with key manpower organisations enable the client to retain their global resource managed services ,with the added value of an embedded experienced performance managed Project and service partner.

Our industry solution has enabled simplification, cost reduction, tailored services within the supply chain and supported clients with a service  that retains the close partner relationship that the OTR or SOW service demands.