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The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…

Sun Tzu

Our Profile

Our VLM package management team is comprised of experienced engineers who are the link between engineering, procurement, quality, construction, logistics and the vendor.

Our team members have managed international logistics and delivered specialised equipment on major global projects against tight manufacturing deadlines and project schedule challenges, whilst ensuring compliance and performance of products.

Our VLM team have the international experience to develop with the vendor supply-chain and the IPMT members of engineering, quality, procurement, construction and commissioning the manufacturing and compliance assurance programmes.

How We Deliver

We ensure through all stages of procurement that vendor packages achieve the contracted scope, specification and procurement schedule.

Our VLM team, with the vendors, manages the manufacturing plan, quality assurance, performance schedule and logistics planning. We integrate across the IPMT and coordinate specifically with engineering, quality, inspection, construction, HSE and manage expediting activities through to logistics execution and delivery to site.

Tier2’s VLM team is completely integrated with the project specialist engineers as part of the specification validation and witness testing of manufactured goods as part of the FAT quality assurance process.

The package management team utilise supply-chain vendor information deliverables within the PMT integrated software to provide cross project coordination and progress measurement reporting against the project schedule.

The Tier2 VLM team manages the logistics process for all procured equipment and materials, from planning, material preparation, packing, and shipment, through to delivery.

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Paul Mason
Vendor and Logistics Manager
0333 700 9 222