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We look for the unexpected and plan to overcome those challenges before they happen.

Our Profile

At Tier2 our engineering, construction and operations experience mean we understand risk and that mismanagement of risk can damage our clients’ performance and reputation.

Our team inherently implement risk management throughout the project process. We understand that early risk identification and planning continually shape the project plan. We look for the unexpected and plan to overcome the known-unknown, unknown-unknown risks and even a black swan event.

We utilise our experience in collaboration with industry software to consistently review the project with our supply-chain to identify risk severity and probability. We develop key focus areas and implement mitigation plans with staged reviews to protect people, the environment and the capital investment.

How We Deliver

At Tier 2, our group is dedicated to defining the risk management plan (RMP) and controls as a key project deliverable. The RMP is core to the project and maintained as a live document and integrated across the IMPT.

The Project RMP sets out our commitment to define the project key focus areas. We implement our key focus areas and develop mitigation plans for continuous assessment and reporting against the project plan.

Our key focus areas consider:

  • Personal and community safety.
  • Environmental.
  • Engineering compliance.
  • Constructability and planning.
  • Operations start up.
  • Equipment quality and performance.
  • Commercial loss and contract dispute.
  • Reputation impact.
  • Regional community impact.
  • Stakeholders impact.
  • Cost and schedule escalation.
  • Logistics.
  • Community and political.

We can support our clients with our dedicated risk review process of their projects, developing key focus areas and mitigation planning assurance.

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Jason Delves
Director of Project Management
0333 700 9 222