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Safe execution and operations are our primary objectives. Quality standards must be assured to protect our people and our environment.

Our Profile

Tier2 understands that consistent, high quality is critical to the success of the project.

We realise the importance of achieving a fit for purpose product which meets the business investment and operational safety conditions.

Our members have all worked within major projects and managed technical packages, establishing quality assurance programmes with vendors and suppliers.

At Tier 2, our quality team have international experience and knowledge of the vendor supply-chain. We use our knowledge to provide workable quality assurance plans and controls to support the IPMT functions of engineering, procurement and vendor logistics management.

How We Deliver

We ensure by audit and review of the engineering phase in alignment with operations that we specify and procure services and equipment that are correctly specified, inspected and tested prior to release, delivery, installation & commissioning.

Our vendor package lead QA/QC engineers work with our supply-chain vendors, procurement management and engineering teams to ensure we can deliver technically compliant and safe equipment at all stages of the procurement program.

Qualification of the vendors will be achieved by review of pre-purchase order award enquiry documentation, followed by audit to assure competence. We chair vendor kick-off & pre-inspection meetings to discuss compliance with the project requirements and set inspection levels aligned with equipment and material criticality.

Tier2 will coordinate any third-party certification requirements as necessary to achieve certificate of fitness prior to start-up.  We will assign competent and qualified discipline vendor inspectors in the relevant global locations that are close to the manufacturing facilities.

We can provide our clients with dedicated quality leads who can integrate within the client PMT to complete the QA/QC assurance or provide quality as part of our IPMT group delivered projects

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Kevin Bowler
Quality Assurance Manager
0333 700 9 222