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If we can’t quantify it, we can’t plan it, and if we can’t plan it, then we can’t deliver the investment objectives. Then we have failed!

Our Profile

At Tier2, our IPMT have all gained experience on international projects. Every member will testify the success or failure of a project, depends substantially on the people, the leadership and the project controls.

Our project services team have extensive knowledge in planning and managing project control systems for onshore and offshore projects. We are experienced in controlling costs and schedule within detail design and execution phases to provide timely and accurate business reporting to the project leaders.

How We Deliver

Our project controls team work at the hub of the PMT. They connect all functions through the project reporting lines to ensure all information is integrated to support cost, schedule and project communication.

We have adopted within Tier2 our integrated information management (IIM) platform which integrates all IPMT functions. Our IIM digital model starts from concept design and develops the 3D model that links all tagged equipment to the project plans for accurate information control throughout the life of the project and handover to operations.

Our IPMT combined with our IIM platform adds significant value to the project and ensures that even the most complex projects can be measured, and risk mitigated to support a P90 probability range for on-time and on-budget.

We can offer our clients our projects services integrated information management platform to support their in-house PMT projects team or deliver project services within our PMT group delivered projects.  

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Brian Parker
Performance and Compliance Director
0333 700 9 222