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Safe operations defines an organisations reputation and underpins its market value.

Our Profile

Tier2 recognises that every project must deliver to operations as the key stakeholder, facilities which are safe, reliable and efficient, that start-up and stay up.

The strength of Tier2’s leadership team lies in the extensive operator experience of all members. This experience is drawn from delivering projects into operations and from supporting operations, maintaining their facilities, both onshore and offshore, from the North Sea assets, to global operations.

Tier2 operations services cover operations support projects and capital investment projects delivered into operations.

Operations support projects

Operations support projects are classified as projects that require a facility upgrade, or systems upgrade and repair. For these projects we provide to operations our IPMT and associates engineering supply chain. We define the project requirements with operations and develop the facility work packs and control procedures for execution.

Our IPMT and supply-chain for operational projects are structured to provide integrated members to support the client operations team. This enable us to meet all aspects of an operational project, from work-pack engineering to planning control of work and operational readiness.

Delivering capital projects into operations

Capital projects are classified as projects that are a facility investment, requiring project investment decision and sanction. Tier2 integrate operations in the IPMT to manage the stages and development of operations readiness. Operations readiness is classified as a project. We are focused within the IPMT to ensure that we deliver robust, reliable and compliant assets, that return maximum value, whilst maintaining safe operations with no harm to people or to the environment.


How We Deliver

Operations support

Tier2 provides operations support, utilising the IPMT functions and technical groups within our associations to deliver facility upgrades and facility expansion projects into operations. We define the operations requirements and facilities control of work procedures, as part of developing the project execution plan and associated work packs, safety plans to define the scope, controls and execution plans for the upgrade.

Within our offshore and onshore greenfield and brownfield operations team we have a strong engineering presence and project focus, which is fully supported by the Tier2 IPMT functions. We understand the technical and operational challenges of undertaking projects on live facilities. We support operations as a key stakeholder to safely deliver projects that meet operations’ SLA’s.

Tier2 has associations with engineering groups, which enable us to manage the full technical scope of operations support projects from integrity maintenance issues, through to larger facility equipment, process replacement and expansion projects.

We integrate with the operator teams to ensure planning, safety and technical compliance are delivered within the project scope.

Delivering capital projects into operations

At Tier2, we start by ensuring operations are identified clearly as the end user stakeholder. We integrate operations within the IPMT to define the operations statement of requirements to set the performance definition.

We develop with operations the project processes, procedures and deliverables to underpin the operational readiness plans (ORP) to ensure we handover safe and reliable facilities.

We define critical work packages with operations and performance manage the delivery of the project scope to support the ORP deliverables.

Our focus is always towards delivering robust, reliable and compliant assets that return maximum value while maintaining safe operations with no harm to people or the environment.

At Tier 2 we apply our eight key indicators to assess operations readiness, whether that is for an asset modification or for operations readiness planning for new installations.

Operational readiness – key indicators:

  • Leadership and organisation.
  • Operations training.
  • Control of work.
  • Process safety management.
  • Risk management.
  • Maintenance and integrity management.
  • Emergency response.
  • Supply chain management.

We can provide our experience to support operations to maintain facilities on emerging issues requiring an integrated engineering and project coordination or provide operational readiness planning (ORP) services for new facilities as part of our IPMT.

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Alastair Maclachlan
Operations Facilities and Pipelines Manager
0333 700 9 222