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Market forces demand more performance from our facilities and Infrastructure. 

Our Profile

At Tier2, all our members have extensive experience of leading integrated engineering and asset information management systems, across the project supply-chain.

Our multi-discipline team has worked extensively with engineering specialists, manufacturers and contractors on many of our sector’s major capital E&P projects, delivering integrated information systems necessary to underpin safe and reliable operations.

Our PMT members have all instigated within their disciplines the project information control practices with the project supply-chain to support project developments from FEED through to detail design, construction and commissioning, formulating controlled system handover documentation for integration to operations.

How We Deliver

Tier 2 implement on all projects, our document control and integrated information management (DCIIM) secure storage system and controls platform.

Our DCIIM managed software was developed in 2018, utilising the  latest Microsoft 365 software applications. It is cloud based and VPN securely backed up, enabling shared integrated access across the project supply-chain, delivering the latest industry, real-time team performance capability.

The project information management team (PIMT) works to ensure information management requirements are planned, delivered, and communicated across all project life-cycle phases, through to handover to operations and stewards company electronic document management system and roll-out project information management expectations.

We ensure all supply-chain members and the IPMT information is managed through our aligned (PIMT) and projects controls team. This integrated managed approach allows us to easily integrate, track and measure the project supply-chain information, to support accurate project information management, reporting and facilitate accurate information handover to operations.

We integrate all project documentation stored within the Tier2 DCIIM platform to ensure the Master Document Register (MDR), Supplier Master Document Register (SMDR), and Document Distribution Matrix (DDM) requirements are implemented and maintained, enabling the Project EDMS to be effectively utilised to support project execution, commissioning, start-up and operations.

Tier2 can integrate our project information managed systems DCIIM directly with the client preferred commissioning software and asset register database systems for information retrieval by operations.


Service Lead

For more information contact:
Joseph West
Tier2 I.P.M.T Governance & Compliance Manager
+44 (0) 1925 528 1555