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Tier2 operating systems have been developed to bring all stakeholders into our real time information management center.

Projects and managed services rely on integrated information availability on demand. At Tier2 we have brought our PEOPLE-PROCESSES-SYSTEMS together, enabling complete digital integration, delivering the ability to monitor  and report progress remotely across the whole supply chain.

We developed the Tier2 operating system to bring together the transparency and coordination of real time information, critical for clients and the supply chain to work seamlessly towards a single goal.

How We Deliver

Tier2 deliver Projects and Managed Services through the Tier2 Management System – TMS – which combines PEOPLE, PROCESS and SYSTEMS.

PEOPLE – Global Strategic Manpower Partners – deliver client specific industry expertise

PROCESS – Tier2 adopt industry recognised Capital Value Stage process and controls

SYSTEMS – IIM is the Tier2 Integrated Information Management Platform

IIM is the Tier2 global cloud based digital collaboration and workforce management centre that provides a centralised single point of access for all Project and Managed Services. In IIM the contracted workforce, specialist resources, and stakeholders all work together within a controlled, secure and reportable area.

IIM has a global footprint with minimal front-end requirements to implement and mobilize. No specialist software to download. No IT teams to visit and set up. Instant access and use.

IIM is a scalable, flexible digital hub that can be quickly implemented to deliver Projects and Managed Services. It can unify, coordinate and manage workforce and stakeholders on a global footprint to deliver:

  • Engineering Management inc engineering production and working areas for all engineering disciplines
  • Procurement – Tier2 / SAP / IFS
  • Construction – Management & assurance of EPCI Contractors
  • Commissioning Management & Assurance of Commissioning Contractors
  • Handover – dedicated handover dossiers & libraries of As-Builts / Certification / Records
  • Operations –Planning, Execution, Reporting
  • Maintenance – Facilities Planned & Reactive Maintenance Information Management

Service Lead

For more information contact:
Private: Julie Carter
Information and Documentation Manager
0333 700 9 222