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Measuring incidents shows us trends. Developing a safety culture saves lives.

Our Profile

Our HSE team have the depth of experience and capabilities to define and influence safety from design through to construction and operation.

Our industry is challenging and our projects complex. Our HSE team have a thorough understanding of the engineering, construction and operations challenges for both onshore and offshore projects.

Our HSE leads have the onsite experience of greenfield and brownfield facilities to see potential risks and to support the contractors in planning the safe execution of the project.

At Tier2, our HSE teams have worked extensively within construction and operations to define safe control of works practices on live facilities. We are experienced internationally and culturally adept at influencing the contract supply-chain to take ownership of site safety.

How We Deliver

The HSE function is fully integrated within the IPMT and our safety leaders ensure we consistently apply our HSE safety pyramid principles of safety in design, safety in construction and safety in operation.

HSE are accountable to the group directorate to ensure our projects meet our core values of no harm to people or damage to the environment.

At Tier2 we integrate HSE across the project supply-chain through adoption of our HSE safety pyramid, our 10 building blocks to site safety and control of works practices.

The HSE management plan is applied systematically to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries to people, damage to the environment and loss of process integrity during operations. It is the responsibility of everyone working for the project to ensure this policy is met.

At Tier2, every person working on the project has the authority to challenge and stop the project at every stage if they believe practices adopted are unsafe, may harm health, or are likely to result in a loss of containment that will damage the environment.

We actively encourage strong visible management commitment to HSE within our company culture and will actively support and develop the contractors to comply with our policy of:

  • Design it safe.
  • Build it safe.
  • Operate it safe.

We can provide our clients with dedicated HSE experts to support client managed projects or provide HSE as part of our IPMT group delivered projects

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