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Engineering for value should be aligned to the economics, values and responsibility to health-safety and the environment.

Our Profile

Tier 2 inherently has engineering discipline experience at the core of our capability set within the group. 

Our experience within Tier 2 as engineers and engineering managers extends from concept development, through FEED and detail design on major projects.

Our organisation and leadership teams  have engineering primarily within their core career resume, so they understand within the project concept how engineering is embedded from concept through to construction and operations in terms of compliance, safety, environmental , constructability commercial and value.

Tier2 has the knowledge, systems and processes developed from our teams engagement on many of todays flag ship projects, enabling us to implement the management and coordination practices for each scope of work.

Tier2 are practiced  client engineering managers with in-depth experience of managing the entire engineering supply-chain within the regulated engineering environment.

We have embedded strategic partnerships with engineering organisations, aligned to Tier2, where clients seek an engineering assurance and design solution within the OTR/ SOW service scope.

How We Deliver

Tier2 have established strategic engineering partners, embedded within Tier2 IPMT service models of OTR and SOW. Each engineering partner is experienced and specific to each regulated sector.

We understand that engineering is a specialist scope of work activity that requires dedicated expertise, but also  effective management and integration across the project supply chain, through embedment  and coordination within the project.

Tier2 provides the client with  2 engineering service models:

Owners team representation (OTR) for engineering assurance across the EPCI supply chain and disciplines, as an embedded engineering expertise within the IPMT  project service.

Scope of Work (SOW)  E-IPMT solution, where clients require a contracted design service, incorporated within a project managed IPMT service solution. This provides an integrated managed Project solution, where clients require  embedded coordinated engineering design and managed service solution, integrated across the entire project supply chain, critical for procurement- manufacturing -quality- construction and operations integration.

We apply simplification where we see opportunity and manage an integrated vendor and engineering supply-chain within our project control and reporting systems to consistently focus on performance.

Tier2 implement across both OTR/SOW services the Tier2 management system PEOPLE-PROCESS-SYSTEMS .

IIM is the system specific software platform that integrates the entire project and engineering information documentation, providing a single point of access that is cloud based for the entire supply chain management and reporting needs.

Our engineering objective is to deliver fully integrated engineering solutions that are aligned to our client standards and investment criteria. We manage from concept through detail design and provide through our engineering supply-chain follow on engineering to support operations.

Increasingly clients are seeking  a vendor design, manufacture and delivered solution. Tier2 can act as the client package sponsors to ensure technical compliance(fit for purpose), quality, performance and value is aligned to deliver vendor packages that meet the operations performance criteria.

We adopt an industry recognised capital value process, which allows a stage gate management review of engineering definition with our clients. We ensure throughout the capital value process that engineering meets safety and client investment objectives.


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