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Engineering for value should be aligned to the economics, values and responsibility to health and the environment.

Our Profile

Tier 2 inherently has engineering as a core skill set within the group. Our leadership members all have extensive experience within engineering.

Our experience within Tier 2 as engineering managers extends from concept development, through FEED and detail design on major projects. We have the knowledge to ensure, from concept through to selection, that engineering meets the project definition, commercial and operation requirements.

We are practised EPC and operator engineering managers with in-depth experience of managing the supply-chain for both onshore and offshore projects, within both project and operational environments

Our management team understand, through their experience and knowledge, the importance of establishing and performance managing the engineering schedule, defining the engineering standards and leading the assurance within the IPMT.

How We Deliver

We have established alliances with specialist engineering centres who, under Tier2 leadership provide concept, FEED and detailed design assurance, as integrated members of our IPMT.

Tier2 retains the engineering management coordination of the project for our clients, ensuring the engineering supply-chain, including EPC and specialist vendors are integrated and performance managed within our IPMT.

We apply simplification where we see opportunity and manage an integrated vendor and engineering supply-chain within our project control and reporting systems to consistently focus on performance.

At Tier2 we understand the importance of setting engineering performance and management standards from the start. We know, contrary to belief, delays in engineering cannot be made up in the site execution phase.

Our engineering objective is to deliver fully integrated engineering solutions that are aligned to our client standards and investment criteria. We manage from concept through detail design and provide through our engineering supply-chain follow on engineering to support operations.

Increasingly clients are seeking for a vendor design, manufacture and delivered solution. Tier2 can act as the client package sponsors to ensure technical compliance(fit for purpose), quality, performance and value is aligned to deliver vendor packages that meet the operations performance criteria.

We adopt an industry recognised capital value process, which allows a stage gate management review of engineering definition with our clients. We ensure throughout the capital value process that engineering meets safety and client investment objectives.

We can provide our clients with dedicated engineering management through our managed engineering supply-chain to integrate within the client PMT organisation, or we can deliver engineering as part of a turnkey solution from within our IPMT group delivered projects.

Service Lead

For more information contact:
David Higgs
Engineering Director (Concept -FEED)
+44 (0) 1925 528 1555