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Safety and reliability requires quality of information, preservation, installation and accuracy of certification to achieve certainty.

Our Profile

At Tier2, our commissioning team are also experienced construction managers and engineers who are fully integrated within the IPMT.

The commissioning team works closely with engineering, construction, operations and vendor suppliers/package managers.

We understand, through our experience, the critical importance of planning for commissioning and the need to define accurate vendor information early in the contract.

At Tier2 we have extensive industry experience of high-tech systems and controls to support the contractors, plan commissioning and achieve accurate information handover to operations.

We work with the contract supply-chain to define and deliver digitised controlled handover information, critical to the support of safe operations.


How We Deliver

At Tier 2, we integrate with the client operations team and define the operational requirements. Our IPMT ensures that we develop and agree with operations a clear and approved facility operations performance plan.

At FEED, we develop the facility controls plan with operations and identify the controls and operations procedures for incorporation within the controls design and facility development plans.

Our engineers, construction, commissioning and vendor package engineers define with operations the standards and specifications for development of the engineering scope and contract enquiry.

Tier2’s commissioning and engineering team in association with approved vendors, develop and define the vendor technical proposals. We assure the vendor suitability of systems, capabilities and certification compliance to support contract award.

Our objective is to facilitate a smooth and controlled handover to operations, providing fully mapped digitised information to facilitate a safe start-up.

We can provide clients with commissioning engineers to facilitate the planning and completion of commissioning activities or provide commissioning as part of the overall IPMT group delivered projects.

Service Lead

For more information contact:
David Runciman
Construction Manager
0333 700 9 222