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Tier2 have defined their services such as, to provide clients’ with an experienced, cost efficient, flexible and performance focused IPMT.

As part of the Fircroft group, we partner with global resource providers to offer a turnkey Scope of Work (SOW) service, whereby Tier2 provide the leadership PMT and our partners supply project wide resources.

Our DNA is formed from our operator background and our members project execution successes. We are skilled at planning and leading the full project scope from concept development, through management of design and construction to safe handover to operations.

We establish with all our clients a performance-based contract, aligned to KPIs to ensure we deliver against our commitment and continually measure our IPMT success throughout the project.

We have intentionally focused on three distinct service categories,

  • Concept development and investor Due diligence
  • IPMT Services for – FEED, Optimise, Define and Execute
  • Operations Readiness and Support

Our service categories enable our IPMT leaders to integrate their experience of executing projects at the conceptual stage to ensure, risk, constructability is defined. We bring our knowledge of design, construction, commissioning and start-up to execution and integrate the project to underpin operations readiness planning and support.

Tier2 work closely with multiple clients to understand their project development plans and to manage the industry project peaks and troughs. Our integrated project approach enables the client organisations to retain a lean, specialist PMT organisation, sized to maintain and deliver business critical projects, whilst being able to deliver peak workloads through Tier2 and reduce costs, during lean project periods.

We can comfortably demonstrate our proven abilities as an IPMT to manage the full EPCM scope, leading engineering and the project supply-chain with qualities and values that reflect both our clients’ and our own values.

We support our clients through each stage of the project development cycle, from concept to operations handover and deliver, as one team to operations, as a principle stakeholder to the business investment plan.

All our IPMT members are supported and developed within Tier2 to ensure our focus is to reduce cost, add value across the supply-chain and that we hold accountability for our performance to our clients. We continuously challenge ourselves to ensure we add value to the project process and that we are in fact securing the client capital investment objectives.

Tier2 joined forces with Fircroft Global Manpower Management in 2019 to develop the IPMT concept and to combine our industry expertise, to deliver a truly unique Client turnkey resource and performance managed project solution.

The strategic partnership of Fircroft and Tier2 has enabled the Fircroft Group to provide the complete resourcing flexibility for any project, reduce client in house , outsourced PMT costs and deliver a client integrated, performance managed IPMT solution.

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