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Industry economics have demanded lowest costs and greater supply chain accountability, shaping the need for innovation to deliver a truly integrated resource and performance managed service model.

Tier2 is a functional  Major Projects and Managed service organisation, structured as an integrated project management Team (IPMT), representing a performance deliver focus approach to services.

We provide the Client with a fully scalable resource solution, through our Manpower industry partners, combined with the industry PROCESS- and cloud based SYSTEMS developed by Tier2 for, global real time remote access, supply chain and stakeholder collaboration.

Our vision is to provide clients with a business solution that enables them to procure the lowest cost, retain the highest Project and Managed service capability and quality, within our Owners Team Representative (OTR) and scope of work (SOW) services models.


We build client specific experienced OTR, or SOW teams from our IPMT talent pools to manage the technical services supply chain and full project life cycle, from Concept-FEED-Detail design through to construction management and handover to operations.

The key innovation of Tier2 is our ability to deliver an integrated global resource solution, backed by our manpower partners, with our embedded experienced People- Processes and digital Integrated information management systems (IIM), meeting the challenges of today’s economic needs.

To frame an example. The client can be drinking tea in London at the breakfast table and have real time access to the whole supply chain in Africa through the Tier2 integrated Information Management (IIM) system. 2020 vision…! “

We build for Clients their own specific OTR team or deliver an SOW outsource performance managed service from our IPMT management functions.

  • Project Management
  • HSSE Management
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement – contract and Logistics Management
  • Project Controls
  • Information- documentation- certification -Management
  • Engineering Management (Design-Assurance -Compliance)
  • Manufacturing Management (Design -Assurance -inspection-Compliance)
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Operations Planning and Management
  • Supply chain management of Technical services
  • Facilities (Hard) Maintenance Management


Tier2 OTR  with our sector specific Manpower partners provide a fully scalable resource, Project and Managed service solution, tailored to the owner’s organisation.

Tier2 are the owners management team, accountable for performance management and are ideally suited towards organisations that retain a light leadership investment or operational team model, who require an effective assurance and managed service.

Our IPMT people deliver an integrated ONE team managed solution with the client team for specific managed Project functions, entire Projects scopes, or  supply chain Management Services.

Tier2 systems and processes enable the outsourcing of key management functions, providing the client leadership team with an inhouse plug and play solution, requiring only light touch monthly account overview of performance.


SOW is a significant service solution, which has either traditional been managed in-house, or provided by established engineering and consultant service organisations.

Significantly the larger engineering service and consultancy organisations have for the past 20 years grown in scale and complexity and in some cases are more overburdened with operational costs than the clients they serve.

2023 has shown that we need leaner, fit for purpose, tailored service solutions that enable clients to confidently outsource core services at lower costs, delivering genuine measurable bottom-line advantage.

Tier2 SOW service model builds upon our PEOPLE-PROCESS-SYSTEMS industry model. We have an embedded alliance with industry Manpower providers, who underpin all the resources we require., so scale is not an issue.

This combined with Tier2 PROCESS and SYSTEMS enables our close collaboration to deliver all the global resources, management processes and integrated systems to deliver performance managed SOW services.

Refer to How we work section, which sets out in greater detail how we our PEOPLE-PROCESSES-SYSTEMS through the Tier2 digital operating system IIM.

Our Teams  bring their knowledge, as industry project leaders to deliver:

  • COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT – from concept identification, management of FEED design and execution, through to handover of major  projects
  • FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – (Hard FM) . Our FM teams can plan, manage the facilities services supply chain to deliver planned and reactive Maintenance
  • INSIGHT- Experience of managing key services across the supply chain
  • FLEXIBLE PROJECT RESOURCE LEVELLING – a flexible, shared IPMT resource across operators, reducing team costs and managing the projects peaks and troughs.
  • RESOURCE MANAGED SERVICES scaled to meet regional requirements. (Fully backed by our Manpower partners)
  • REDUCED CLIENT PMT COSTS – our IPMT leadership team mitigates the need for client in-house leadership oversight and assurance duplication
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGED CONTRACTS – our services deliver against client KPI performance contracts.
  • STRATEGIC DELIVERY FOCUS – establishes integrated supply-chains and performance manages to target plans.
  • LOW OVERHEADS- Tier2 doesn’t maintain large fixed office assets, we mobilise and locate with the client to the project.
  • GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE – teams with in depth experience of working in Europe, Africa, Azerbaijan, Middle and the Far East
  • EFFECTIVE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – capability to develop and implement cost-effective supply chain strategies with our clients
  • CLIENT/CONTRACTOR INSIGHTS – decades of experience of both sides of the commercial relationship
  • ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE- capability to lead the engineering supply chain, introduce standardisation and simplification to deliver fit for purpose, compliant and inherently safe designs.
  • MANUFACTURER – design, QA/QC and logistics management.
  • VALUE FOCUS – team members skilled at devising value improving technical  and commercial solutions to protect our clients investment decision.
  • CONSTRUCTION- experience of planning and managing construction to optimise contractor efficiency, reduce scope and deliver safe projects into operations.
  • OPERATIONS –  Tier2 work with the client operations team to define and deliver operations readiness planning, reducing start up delays.

Tier2, whether engaged as the client owners team (OTR), or as the contracted scope of work (SOW) provider have through their knowledge and experience of working on major projects, applied industry recognised capital value processes and implement our latest cloud based digital management systems.

Our teams-stakeholders and supply chain are all integrated within the Tier2 operating model  PEOPLE-PROCESS-SYSTEMS. This enables all parties to be connected in real time through our global (IIM) Integrated Information Management system.

IIM has been aTier2 developed digital platform that is cloud based and is central to effective real time remote management and reporting.

We can manage, control and report all stages of the project lifecycle and managed services leading to handover to operations for any asset and region.

Full details of IIM can be shared as part of our client engagement and discovery meeting.

Capital Value Project Stages:

We stride to encourage all clients to progress projects through a Capital Value process, to ensure compliance and assurance is gate controlled to ensure a culture of no change.

Concept development

A major project investment success depends on the early accurate evaluation of the concepts and investment options.

Tier2 members have a track record of performing stage-gate, peer, project execution and focused technical / construct-ability reviews that will provide the decision makers with information concerning the risk profile-technical-construction-cost and schedule class 1 estimates of the project options.

We will assess the HSSE, technical proposal, project delivery strategy, operations statement of requirements, contracting strategy/commercial provisions, cultural, community, environmental factors and project risk as part of a key focus areas review.

Project selection, optimisation and FEED

Project selection, optimisation and FEED is a critical stage in the project cycle. It ensures the conceptual assumptions when assessed within the overall project context are a compatible and commercial choice.

Tier2  have the experience to plan and develop the selected project investment options. We lead the project supply-chain specialists through FEED to optimise for value and define the project definition, suitable to secure robust class 2 cost and schedule estimates.

We support our clients with the stage gate project reviews to consider project risk and mitigation to support the financial decision process to approve to detail design and execution.

Project Detail Design & Procurement (Define)

Our IPMT is structured, as an integrated team and adopts industry control and interface managed systems to integrate engineering and the vendor’s supply-chain within the project.

We can from within our IPMT, or as integrated members of the client team manage the detail design stage of the project through the EPC supply chain. We will ensure the project is risk managed, engineering defined, long lead items procured, and the project meets the governing standards of technical, cost, safety, quality and environmental to meet the business investment plan.

Construction – commissioning and handover to operations (Execute to Operate)

Tier2  can support our clients, as construction managers utilising our IPMT discipline functions to manage the delivery and performance of the project through construction commissioning – start-up and handover to operations.

Our leadership team are all from an engineering, construction and operations background. We know the importance of defining commissioning, quality and the need to complete robust safety and constructability reviews, as key obligations to support an efficient, safe start up and handover to operations.

Tier2 forms Integrated service alliances with sector specialist Workforce and Engineering organisations.

The strategic partnerships between Tier2 our sector specific workforce and engineering providers, enables significant benefits to be realised, whereby the client retains the flexibility, certainty of securing resources, when required and the integrated benefit of a dedicated engineering assurance option combined within a resource- IPMT and engineering solution.

This industry model enables the client to secure the lowest cost, integrated workforce , Project and engineering managed services solution, compared to options of in-house development of managed services, or the higher and more complex supply chain model of an independent managed service provider.

Workforce Management

Strategic Partners