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Tier2 members have extensive major project experience and technical knowledge that extends across the supply chain, to define fit for purpose ICS applications that will deliver robust facility solutions.

Information, communications and security (ICS) has often been a technical scope that has not been fully and timely assessed, at the facility design and control systems development stage. ICS has often been levered into the ICSS scope during the project, rather than as an integrated design scope.

Technology today plays an ever increasing and complex role within our capital projects, requiring the design of telemetry, control systems, communication and security to be fully integrated, as part of the central control for onsite, or remote monitoring.

Tier 2 have developed through their knowledge and expertise of large facility projects, a robust understanding of the need to integrate ICS system design and control within the early scoping stages of the project, with operations and facilities control systems developed within ICSS.

We have dedicated Tier2 project leaders who started their career within communications and security and instinctively understand the need for influencing during FEED the information technology supply chain, in order to develop the full system technical integration, necessary to meet the client needs for valued technical solutions, compliance with technical standards and budgets.

Safety and the influence are an embedded value and a core leadership quality that we instil across the project supply chain, from concept design through to execution and handover to operations. The project risk matrix is a key consideration in the design assessment of applied system design for Information, communications and security development.

As the client appointed integrated project management team (IPMT), we act as the client representative and hold accountability for leading the performance across the whole of the project supply chain, accountable to the client for the complete management and leadership of the project scope.

Our Offering

  • Provide the client with a fully integrated project leadership team, covering all aspects of information, security and communications architecture as a single performance managed team, or provide specific performance managed IPMT leadership functions managed by Tier2.
  • Develop the project HSSE plans, controls and risk assurance frameworks.
  • Lead the development and formation of the concept for defining the ICS.
  • Represent the Client through the control gates of Concept-FEED -project optimisation.
  • Project estimation for stage gate review and modelling.
  • Risk management and impact assessment modelling.
  • Prepare feasibility studies, providing full scope costing to support client concept investment modelling.
  • Execution planning to define construction-operations handover and start-up.
  • Project scoping and performance management planning for leading EPC and specialist engineering centres.
  • Manage and deliver the project definition and define with the client the performance specifications, engineering technical practices.
  • Lead on behalf of the Client the engineering and 3rd party project supply chain.
    Procurement and contract management, strategic planning and administration.
  • Project control management and reporting to all stakeholders.
  • Management of the project development stages to define level 1-4 costs and schedule.
  • Manage the tender and award process securing optimum value for our clients through application of a lean PSCM contract strategies.
  • Package engineering, QA/QC and logistics management.
  • Representation of projects as the client representative across the stakeholder supply chain.
  • ICS integration within Operations readiness planning and start-up.

Our Project Focus

  • Facility control room design- manufacture and installation management.
  • Digital site mapping and on-site asset registration.
  • Security threat assessment.
  • Physical and discreet security solutions.
  • Management of 3rd party specialist suppliers.
  • Integrated information and communications assessment and scope definition.
  • Manage the engineering and project supply chain to define secure on-site communications, and security monitoring.
  • Management of system design -procure and installation/ handover to operations.
  • Management of site infrastructure design and construction -covering physical entry and denial systems, IPCCTV, telemetry, Local area network (LAN).

Our Project Experience

Onshore production Communication and Security Project, Bahrain

The scope was to provide a solution that encompassed, telemetry from the well heads to the control centre and design …

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