Site Disinvestment and Remediation

The project scope was to disinvest a major oil and gas oil storage and transportation facility within the UK, for a major operator.

The site was located within a SSSI region for environmental site of designated for wildlife and marine protection. Due to the regulated standard applied to the site, engineering for disinvestment of all underground and over ground facilities infrastructure and process plant was heavily regulated.

The scope required a full stage gate review and approval process to ensure the scope of works complied with the site operations leadership organisation for control of works on a live hydrocarbon facility.

The project had specific challenges of no spark practices, meaning no spark generation was permitted, requiring specialist demolition plant to cut major sections of the plant facilities, under strict permit to work controls.

Stages of the project were controlled and implemented through operations for assurance and approval to proceed with the works. Key challenges require the continue survey and assessment of potential stored energy, pipe dead legs identification with hydrocarbon present and identification of Norm radiation.

Norm radiation was a specific deconstruct and operations interface, whereby clean, wash down areas, monitoring and contaminated liquid management was a principle high risk management control approval implemented process.

Successes of the project: No harm to any persons, no environmental discharge, or impacts and a truly successfully integrated with Operations and the project contractor.