Renewable Electrical Onshore Substation

Offshore Wind Farm development off the Sussex coast in the UK. The wind farm has a target capacity of 400 MW, utilising 116 turbines of approximately 3.45 MW.

The project scope covered the EPC management services for both the initial and final stages of the design phase prior to construction.

The primary project focus of the project was the delivery of a new electricity Onshore Substation, with a total installed electricity generating capacity exceeding 100 MW. Sited adjacent to the existing National Grid  400/132kV substation near Twineham, West Sussex.

The overall design input covered both the phase 1 Offshore Substation connected to the onshore Substation via 2 export cables of approximate length of 27 km onshore and 20 km offshore. The Onshore Substation consists of a split 150 kV busbar, two cable compensation reactors, two reactive power biasing reactors, two harmonic filters, and two 240 MVA 400kV/150kV autotransformers with tertiary windings.