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Our goal is to deliver for our clients the project value that todays economics demand, whilst upholding our shared commitment to protecting the environment.

Tier2’s management team brings together decades of experience from the regulated sectors earned from within the Oil & Gas sectors. Tier2 leadership pride themselves on their integrity and reputation for delivering safe, technically compliant projects that uphold our shared values, as the clients’ project representatives.

Tier2 provides performance managed PMO resources as the Owners Team representatives (OTR), or as the scope of work providers (SOW)  to clients with specific portfolio projects, or managed service needs.

Tier2 resourcing model and low-cost structure will be suited to these types of projects and services in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness needs. We can substantially reduce client PMT costs during peak workloads, through mitigation of investing in large in-house capability, allowing clients to scale their management teams to support normal operations and flex for peak business requirements.

Tier2 strives to differentiate itself by maintaining an extremely low-cost base while securing the most competent people. Tier2 has been founded on industry experience, making the most of digital technology to support efficient, virtual team work and a culture of continuous improvement. This culture goes beyond the provision of the IPMT and currently encompasses new approaches to engineering and supply-chain management.


Tier2 are fortunate not to be driven by shareholder influence, which enables us to focus our priorities as a pure OTR /SOW representatives, focused on optimising our clients’ projects and services , to deliver value and performance, rather than profit to shareholders.

Our leadership team and members are committed to the Tier2 low cost centre model and practices. We will support our clients throughout the project supply-chain, as their representatives to drive out waste and reduce the capital costs, where we see opportunity.

We are that confident in our IPMT abilities that we have set ourselves apart, by our commitment to deliver services against KPI defined performance contracts with our clients, to provide measurable assurance, that we will deliver on our promise.

Tier2 Leadership Team

  • Jason Delves
    Director of Programme Management

  • Cheryl Gooch
    Health Safety and Environmental Director

  • Ian Leslie
    Project Manager

  • Dave Spence
    Non Exec Director of Operations

  • Alastair Maclachlan
    Operations Facilities and Pipelines Manager

  • Tim Beckett
    Cost controls Manager

  • Marc Taylor
    PSCM Manager

  • Paul Mason
    Vendor and Logistics Manager

  • Andrew Miller
    Vendor and Logistics lead

  • Mike Piotrowski
    Engineering Manager

  • Dean Haslam
    Cost Control Engineer

  • David Runciman
    Construction Manager

Mission Statement

What we do

Tier2 is an integrated project management service organisation to the Energy sector. We combine our experience with technology and innovation to deliver an owners team IPMT service solution to meet today’s challenges for efficiency and certainty.

What we stand for

Tier2 measure themselves on their integrity, reputation and recognised commitment to protect the environment, as the clients’ project representative. We bring a strong technical and project focus that ensures that we deliver our commitment to uphold safety, protect the environment and back out clients to achieve their commercial investment.

What we value

Our reputation as trusted client representatives to uphold our shared commitment to protect people, the communities and the environments we work within.


Simply, to be trusted to optimise and deliver safe, reliable projects and services that significantly contribute to both our clients business success in delivering the global energy transition and sustainability that is critical to underpin on our commitment to protect the Environment.

Tier2 IPMT

Our Values

  • Safety

    Safety is at the heart of our project group and starts from concept development and continues through the design stages to operational handover and operation. We adopt our safety-first initiative on all our projects to ensure we design it safe, build it clean, build it safe and deliver projects with no incidents or harm to people.
  • World Class Performance

    We strive as a group to maintain the highest professional standards and commit to adhere to legislation and industry standards. We apply a fit-for-purpose philosophy on standards, whilst ensuring necessary barriers for safety to people and the environment are in place on all our projects.
  • The Team

    As experienced project professionals, we are emphatic that the IPMT be integrated into the client’s organisation where goals and values can be shared and trust can be built. The Tier2 structure recognises that the sum of all the incredibly talented individuals from within the project supply chain contributes to the whole.
  • Respect

    We respect the communities which we work in and agree to abide by their laws and regulations. We value the diversity of the people, communities and cultures, and aim for the highest ethical standards to ensure we behave in a responsible manner.
  • Environment

    Environmental responsibility is paramount within Tier2. Our aim is that, throughout the project life cycle, we act to ensure no damage to the environment. We will stride to use our industry knowledge and skills to support clients deliver their Energy transition plans, critical to meet to days clean energy targets.
  • Customer Values

    We respect and value our customers and commit to deliver their projects with a rigorous focus on refining the project delivery value-chain to realise the greatest return from their capital investment.

Code of Conduct

Our values and behaviours are central to our code of conduct. We set high levels of commitment that we expect from our employees and associates of Tier2.

We conduct ourselves on behalf of our clients, as their representative in many business environments. We respect that we have a duty to protect our clients confidence and reputation by conducting ourselves within the laws and regulations, without compromising our commitments to safety, the environment , ethics and compliance.


    Our People

    • We respect and value one another and create an inclusive environment for all diversities.
    • We encourage all our members to work together with open and respectful behaviours.
    • We create collaborative environments that fosters innovation and increase value to our clients.
    • We lead our supply-chain with behaviours that promote honesty and transparency in all our negotiations.
    • Promote to our people and supply-chain that bribery and corruption in any form is unacceptable.
    • We continually invest in our people and supply-chain in order to further develop our low-cost high-value centres.
    • Our people must avoid situations where their personal interests conflict with our values, code of conduct and our clients’ interests.

    Our Supply-chains

    • We conduct all our contract negotiations in an open and transparent manner adhering to both legislation and best practice to support fair and open competition.
    • We remove ourselves from any conflict of interest. We do not accept gifts or entertainment from members within the supply-chain or stakeholders.
    • We actively promote and ensure our supply-chain members conduct themselves to our values and code of conduct on behalf of our clients.
    • We only conduct business with those who comply with all applicable laws, regulations and client requirements.



    Our Clients

    • We always conduct ourselves in a manner that respects and protects our client and their stakeholders.
    • We uphold our joint commitment with our client to ensure that within Tier2 we uphold our values of safe practice and the protection of the environment.
    • We maintain open and transparent communication channels with our clients to ensure that they are fully informed on matters affecting their project investment.
    • We strive to continually develop performance strategies that integrate the project supply-chain seamlessly to reduce our clients’ capital investment.
    • All information on clients is held securely. We commit to ensure all information is securely stored and managed to support our client confidentiality.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Tier2 upholds its core value of no harm to people or damage to the environment. This is a key element of our business commitment to our clients and stakeholders.

Embedding HSE responsibility within the project life cycle is a conscious choice that we champion across our organisation and supply-chain. We believe HSE is not just a policy document, but a set of collective actions that is at the heart of our culture.

Our industry team members have an instilled HSE focus that has been developed through many years’ of experience on projects within the design, construction and operation phases. We apply our knowledge to how we engineer, construct and operate to protect our installation teams and to maintain safe operations within the environment.

We conduct our business activities so that they comply with all applicable HSE legislation, regulatory requirements and standards. We set annual targets and measures to promote a continued learning and improvement culture.