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Who are Tier2?

Part of the Fircroft Group, Tier2 is a unique and dedicated integrated project management organisation and scope of work (SOW) service provider to the engineering and energy sectors. We embed high calibre PMT resources into the client team, that we performance manage through our project leadership organisation.

We provide the SOW capability to traditional manpower contracts, partnering with the client resource provider to deliver turnkey resource and performance managed project services to the client organisation. Tier2 and our global resource partners offer an alternative to PMC scope of work contracts placement with engineering contractors.

Our performance managed SOW services and client integrated team approach provides the assurance that we will form “ONE TEAM” with our client and deliver, as a true client partner, all aspects of the project – leading the project supply-chain from concept through to FEED, detail design, construction to operations start-up and handover.

Tier2’s global Integrated Project Management Teams (IPMT) bring their knowledge, as industry project leaders to provide:

  • COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT – from concept identification to hand-over for onshore and offshore projects
  • FLEXIBLE PROJECT RESOURCE LEVELLING – a flexible, shared IPMT resource across operators, reducing team costs and managing the projects peaks and troughs.
  • REDUCED CLIENT PMT COSTS – our IPMT leadership team mitigates the need for client in-house resource duplication
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGED CONTRACTS – our IPMT resource is measured against client KPI performance contracts.
  • STRATEGIC DELIVERY FOCUS – establishes integrated supply-chains and performance manages to target plans.
  • LOW OVERHEADS- Tier2 doesn’t maintain fixed assets, we mobilise and locate with the client to the project.
  • GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE – teams with in depth experience of working in Europe, Africa, Azerbaijan, Middle and the Far East
  • EFFECTIVE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – capability to develop and implement cost-effective supply chain strategies
  • CLIENT/CONTRACTOR INSIGHTS – decades of experience of both sides of the commercial relationship
  • ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE- capability to lead the engineering supply chain, introduce standardisation and simplification to deliver fit for purpose, compliant and inherently safe designs.
  • MANUFACTURER – design, QA/QC and logistics management.
  • VALUE FOCUS – team members skilled at devising value improving technical and commercial solutions and assuring delivery.
  • CONSTRUCTION- experience of planning and managing construction to optimise contractor efficiency, reduce scope and deliver safe projects into operations.
  • OPERATIONS – end-user represented throughout project delivery. Tier2 can define and manage operations readiness planning as the client’s operations.

What makes Tier2 Different?

Our explicit goal is to differentiate ourselves – to provide the engineering and energy sector operators with a credible and accountable PMT leadership resource alternative.

We offer clients the ability to enter into a performance contract for scope of work (SOW) project services. We provide the client with an integrated global resource provider, utilising framework contracts, with an embedded performance managed and accountable PMT leadership team.

Tier2 are unique in that we provide the industry project expertise and accountability. This together with backing from the Fircroft Group and in partnership with our international resource providers we can fully support global resourcing needs.

Our performance managed PMT and operator experience practices substantially reduce the client’s in-house PMT costs, reduce traditional client contract resource supervision, realign traditional EPC and client work scopes and provide the client with a dedicated non-conflicted partner to manage the project supply-chain.

Our integrated, tailored services, enable our clients to maintain an optimised PMT resource for their business, whilst confidently meeting the demands of critical peak workloads and minimising costs during reduced project activities.

Tier2’s structure and business model is to create client value through being:

  • LEAN – strive for zero overhead costs
  • ADAPTABLE – flexible response to a client’s varying workload, backed by our global resource agency alliances.
  • EXPERIENCED – clients can trust Tier2 to represent their interests.
  • COST FOCUSED – minimise waste, reduce cost and improve supply-chain efficiency.
  • INTEGRATED – demonstrate shared goals and values as an integrated part of the client’s organisation.
  • STRATEGIC – form alliances with companies in the supply chain that share the ‘cost-effective / high-quality’ ethos

Tier2 joined forces with Fircroft Global Manpower Management in 2019 to develop the IPMT concept and to combine our industry expertise, to deliver a truly unique Client turnkey resource and performance managed project solution.

The strategic partnership of Fircroft and Tier2 has enabled the Fircroft Group to provide the complete resourcing flexibility for any project, reduce client in house , outsourced PMT costs and deliver a client integrated, performance managed IPMT solution.

Workforce Management

Strategic Partners

Continuous Improvement is central to Tier2’s focus on differentiating ourselves and refining the project delivery value chain, enabling our clients to realise the greatest return from their capital investment.


Tier2 provides clients with an internationally experienced, delivery focused IPMT task force. Our team have all achieved career recognition on major projects for their project expertise, within their PMT functions, for operators and contractors

We have established a lean and cost-effective IPMT and are able to offer our flexible, performance managed IPMT,as a plug and play group, or as individual PMT members to support clients, strengthen their team of project professionals.

We comfortably demonstrate our abilities to support the client team, leading engineering and the project supply chain with a focus and values that reflect both ours and our clients’.

Our core service categories are:

Concept Development and Investor Due diligence

  • We support investors and operators with our IPMT  for project assurance reviews, managing specialist engineering supply-chain members to prepare, accurate project concept assessments, for commercial evaluation.

IPMT  Services– FEED-Optimise -Define and Execute

  • We provide our IPMT, as a dedicated task force group, to manage and deliver the complete project functions, aligned to KPI performance contracts with our clients’.
  • We integrate engineering within the overall project supply-chain to ensure cost-value, quality  and performance are governing factors. Our SME’s alliances provide the assurance that engineering and vendors apply the appropriate standards.
  • We provide specific PMT resource’s to strengthen the client team, aligned to KPI performance contracts with our clients’
  • We provide specialist PMT resources to act as the client representatives for technical and project management support to add technical and project competency to the commercial client teams.
  • In overall terms we manage all aspects of the project stages to deliver for and/or with the client  team.

Operations Readiness and Support

  • Tier2 provide operations readiness and planning, as integrated members of the client operations team, providing project support from within our IPMT.
  • We provide specialist Operations support through our IPMT operations function to the client operations team, providing a turn key  solution for, engineering, procurement and construction, for projects necessary to maintain facilities operations.



Tier2 has an objective to deliver performance in low margin environments. We offer clients services that are not consultative, but are focused and framed to drive out inefficiencies, through  implementation of our experience of major capital project programmes.

All our IPMT functional members have  held leadership positions within their disciplines, with operators and main contractors, on major projects. Our team members come with a distinct, strategic delivery aptitude, critical to the successful delivery of capital programmes.

Tier2 has the collective experience to deliver with our clients, Onshore and offshore facilities and infrastructure projects into operations within, the energy sectors of:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Power & Nuclear
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Information-Communication & Security
  • Mining & Minerals