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Who are Tier2?

Tier2 are a dedicated execution focused project management organisation, who deliver an Owners team solution for integrated  project resources and SOW project management capabilities.

Our SME projects leaders all originated from major projects management, leading significant flag ship projects within the Energy sector.

We are a leading innovator in the supply of integrated SME resources and SOW capability management and play our part to drive the performance delivery of Energy Transition projects to reduce the worlds carbon footprint. 

Our Project teams have all been part of the development of the Energy sector for the past 30 years. Today we are pleased to use our knowledge and expertise to support the industry and our clients through the Energy transition to deliver cleaner facilities and operations.

“Our Teams designed and built many of today’s Energy facilities and therefore are experienced enough to know how to use today’s technologies to shape the  economic delivery of cleaner facilities and ultimately decommission facilities at the end of their field life. ”  

  • We provide the specialist Execute PMO leadership teams, integrated management processes and systems to execute complex projects and services for client organisations, seeking a lowest cost- high capability and assurance service solution.
  • Our Integrated PEOPLE-PROCESS-SYSTEMS operating model delivers a turnkey performance managed service solution, where clients  seek a PMO service, either an owners team representation (OTR), or a scope of work (SOW) outsourced PMC managed service solution.
  • The experience our teams have  earned in over 30 years of majors projects and managed services has been captured within the Tier2 capital value processes and cloud based digital systems, allowing us to deliver technical projects and services with real time online (remote) monitoring and information sharing.
  • We  work in close collaboration with our  sector specific Recruitment partners and select the best industry teams with strong client experience, gained successfully on many of  our industry flag ship projects. Our People and stakeholders are all underpinned by Tier2 industry defined management processes and the latest digital integrated information management operating systems.
  • We deliver the to our clients a complete, integrated resource and performance managed  service solution, combining global recruitment capability with specialist project management capability.

The Tier2 organisation is built around our Integrated Project Management Teams (IPMT), with our  core structure and digital information systems defined to manage key complex project functions and  managed services.

  • Project Management
  • Information Management- documentation- certification – compliance Management
  • HSSE Management
  • Project Controls
  • Engineering Management (Design-Assurance -Compliance)
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement -contract and logistics Management
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Handover – Full information, documentation, systems integration to Operations
  • Operations -Planned and Reactive Maintenance Management
  • Manufacturing Management (Design -Assurance -inspection-Compliance)
  • Supply chain management of Technical services
  • Facilities (Hard) Maintenance Management

Our performance managed Project and Managed services integrated team approach, provides the assurance that we will form “ONE TEAM” with our client and deliver, as a true client partner, all aspects of the project – leading the  supply-chain from concept through to FEED, detail design, construction to operations start-up and handover.

Tier2, with our global resource partners offer an alternative, flexible integrated resource and performance managed PMO services solution, to meet todays economics, as a robust and capable alternative solution to the larger structured, high overhead project and managed service organisations.


What makes Tier2 Different?

We are structured to deliver performance in low margin environments !

Our explicit goal is to differentiate ourselves, by delivering integrated Resources and  Performance Managed PMO service solution’s that meet todays needs for simplicity, lowest cost, quality and compliance.

We offer clients the ability to enter into a performance contract for a scope of work (SOW) project and managed services, Owners team solution, utilising our low opex cost  model, incorporating an embedded performance managed service.

Tier2 are unique in that we provide the industry sector project and managed service expertise, combined with the backing from our international Recruitment  partners, which means  we can fully support global resourcing and management requirements.

Our performance managed and embedded PMO owners team solution substantially reduce’s the client’s in-house PMO retained opex costs, reduces the  traditional client contract resource supervision, realigns the traditional EPC and client work scopes and provides the client with a dedicated non-conflicted embedded resource and management  partner.

Our integrated, tailored services, enable our clients to maintain an optimised PMO organisation for their business, whilst confidently meeting the demands of critical peak workloads and minimising costs during reduced project activities.

Tier2’s structure and business model creates:

  • LEAN – strive for lowest overhead costs
  • ADAPTABLE – flexible response to a client’s varying workload, backed by our global resource agency alliances.
  • EXPERIENCED – clients can trust Tier2 to represent their interests.
  • COST FOCUSED – minimise waste, reduce cost and improve supply-chain efficiency.
  • INTEGRATED – demonstrate shared goals and values as an integrated part of the client’s organisation.
  • STRATEGIC – form alliances with companies in the supply chain that share the ‘cost-effective / high-quality’ ethos

Continuous Improvement is central to Tier2’s focus on differentiating ourselves 


Industry economics have demanded lowest costs and greater supply chain accountability, shaping the need for innovation to deliver a truly integrated resource and performance managed service model.

Our vision is to provide clients with a business solution that enables them to procure the lowest cost, retain the highest service capability and quality, within our Owners Team Representative (OTR) and scope of work (SOW) services models.

Tier2 is a functional organisation, structured as an integrated project management Team (IPMT), representing a performance deliver focus.

We select client specific experienced OTR, or SOW teams from our IPMT talent pool to manage the technical services supply chain and full project life cycle, from Concept-FEED-Detail design through to construction management and handover to operations.

The key innovation of Tier2 is our ability to deliver an integrated global resource solution, backed by our Recruitment partners, with our embedded experience of  People- Processes and digital integrated information management (IIM) systems, meeting the challenges of today’s economic needs.

 To frame an example. The client can be drinking tea in London at the breakfast table and have real time access to the whole supply chain in Africa through the Tier2 integrated Information Management (IIM) system. 2020 vision…!

We  can build for Clients their own specific OTR team or deliver an SOW outsource performance managed service from our  IPMT management functions.

  • Project Management
  • HSSE Management
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement – contract and Logistics Management
  • Project Controls
  • Information- documentation- certification -Management
  • Engineering Management (Design-Assurance -Compliance)
  • Manufacturing Management (Design -Assurance -inspection-Compliance)
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Operations Planning and Management
  • Supply chain management of Technical services
  • Facilities (Hard) Maintenance Management

OTR -Owners Team Representatives service


Traditionally owner organisations develop in-house project management teams and supply chain support service centres to manage the delivery of capital investments and operational supply chain services.

Manpower organisations have played a significant part in providing the workforce solutions for decades, supporting the owner’s organisation with staff and contract positions.

The economic challenges of 2020 have required  simplification of organisation operations and structures to reduce in-house and outsourced managed service costs.

The industry is seeking a service solution that delivers the managed resources, leadership, and accountability to support the owner’s organisation outsource key functions, as part of a sustainable cost reduction campaign.

Tier2 OTR together with our sector specific Manpower partners provides a fully scalable resource and performance management service, tailored to the owner’s organisation.

Tier2 systems and processes enable the outsourcing of key management functions, providing the client leadership team with an inhouse plug and play solution, requiring only light touch monthly account overview of performance.

We have reduced the need for the owner’s organisation to carry the overburden of large assurance teams. Making this ideal for the more investment type organisations.

This simply means the client can retain the flexibility of a lower cost manpower service through an OTR service contract, backed by Tier2 performance management.

Delivering reduced corporate head count, corporate support services, supply chain simplification and retaining the flexible manpower solution with performance management.

SOW- Scope of Work service

(Capital Projects and Managed Services)

2020 economics have focused owner organisations to assess the business operational needs and to look closely at what core management functions they need to retain in house. This has and will continue to be a key decision process of what critical functions are economically best to outsource, that can achieve lowest cost, safety, compliance, and performance.

SOW is a significant service solution, which has traditional been managed in-house, or provided by large established engineering and (PMC ) consultant service organisations.

Significantly the larger engineering service and consultancy organisations have for the past 20 years grown in scale and complexity and in some cases are more overburdened with operational costs than the clients they serve.

2020 has shown that we need leaner, fit for purpose, tailored service solutions that enable clients to confidently outsource core services at lower costs, delivering genuine measurable bottom-line advantage.

Tier2 SOW Projects and Managed service models builds upon our PEOPLE-PROCESS-SYSTEMS industry model and together with our industry Manpower partners  we can deliver the flexibility and scale of operations in line with our clients business needs.




Tier2 has an objective to deliver performance in low margin environments. We offer clients services that are focused and framed to drive out inefficiencies, through  implementation of our Peoples experience, our capital value processes and latest cloud based digital management systems.

All our IPMT functional members have  held leadership positions within their disciplines, with operators and main contractors, on major projects. Our team members come with a distinct, strategic delivery aptitude, critical to the successful delivery of capital programmes.

Tier2 has the collective experience to deliver with our clients, Onshore and offshore facilities and infrastructure projects into operations within, the energy sectors of:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Power & Nuclear
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Information-Communication & Security
  • Mining & Minerals

Tier2 forms Integrated  service alliances  with sector specialist Workforce and Engineering organisations. 

The strategic partnerships between Tier2 our sector specific workforce and engineering providers, enables significant benefits to be realised, whereby the client retains the flexibility, certainty of securing resources,  when required and the integrated benefit of a dedicated engineering assurance option combined within a resource- IPMT and engineering solution.

This industry model enables the client to secure the lowest cost, integrated workforce , Project and engineering managed services solution, compared to options of in-house development of managed services, or the higher and more complex supply chain model of an independent managed service provider.


Workforce Management

Strategic Partners